4 Simple Tips To Create a Workspace at Home

Image credit: Roman Bozhko on Unsplash

WORDS Heather Boting

Interior designer and stylist Heather Boting shares four tips to make the best out of your at-home workspace.

1. Choose Your Desk Space Wisely

Everyone works differently: some prefer to work in a bedroom, while others set up in the lounge or dining room. Whichever room you choose, try and make sure your workspace has natural light and fresh air. Make sure you’re near a power outlet. This might seem obvious, but many of us work from laptops or phones these days. Ensure they are fully charged by making sure your desk is close to a power outlet. If you find your perfect desk spot is too far away from the outlet, you can always use an extension cord. Try and make sure that all the cords and wires are hidden away, or at least concealed as best as they can be.

2. More Plants!

Take a plant (or two, or three!) from another room in house and place it near your workspace. Having a little greenery growing on your desk will make the area feel more alive.

3. Keep Comfortable

As you are going to be sitting and working for most of the day, make sure you are sitting comfortably. Raise your laptop to eye level if necessary, using coffee table books or magazines. Take a walk around the room or the house every now and then, so that you’re not hunched over your screen for long periods of time.

Image credit: Dinh Ng. on Unsplash

4. Accessorise

Adding personal touches and calming accessories, such as scented candles, to your workspace is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Find a framed picture of your loved ones or an image of something that makes you happy and place it near where you’re working. Write lists in a daily planner or create a colourful weekly schedule – it’s a great way to get organised when you’re feeling unsettled and it’ll brighten up your workspace, too.

Image credit: STIL on Unsplash