4 Clever Lighting Systems


COMPILED BY Annemarie Meintjes

These brilliant systems allow you to create your own compositions, brighten up dead zones and enhance the architectural genius of your space.


Pure and graphic, the minimalist aluminium rods of STICKS – designed by Arik Levy for Vibia – can be used to transform linear light into a floating sculpture, to brighten corners and to highlight architectural elements using light. Create your own layout by adding connectible STICKS or stand-alone models to your composition. The STICKS measure 1.5m, 2m or 3m, linking together to reach a maximum length of 6.5m with a single electrical connection.


Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, better known as Studio Formafantasma, are Italian designers based in Amsterdam. Since graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven, they have developed a body of work characterised by experimental material investigations and a critical approach to the significance of objects as cultural conduits. Studio Formafantasma’s WIRERING light range for Flos includes a belt-like electrical cable and a ring containing an LED strip. The cable – often considered something to hide – is the focus, cleverly drawing attention to the transmission of energy through the design.


Vincent Van Duysen, a Belgian architect based in Antwerp, is well known for his restrained, pared-back design. His INFRA-STRUCTURE range for Flos is tubular, and compatible with a wide range of light fixtures, with magnetic fastening and mechanical safety locking that make it possible to combine vertical and horizontal elements to generate 3D combinations in infinite variations. The graphic simplicity of the elements – and the speed with which they can be combined – allows for a creative approach to any space.


The FLAT collection is one of three lighting collections created by Japanese designer Ichiro Iwasaki for Vibia. The FLAT hanging lamps are expressed as metal planes that descend from above and terminate at different heights. Hanging from cables suspended from the ceiling, the pendant fittings are both delicate and strikingly graphic, and seem to almost float overhead. They reflect light from their surfaces too, projecting an enveloping luminance into a space.