10 Stylish Wall Clocks

COMPILED BY Lindi Brownell Meiring

From ceramic, felt and terrazzo options to ice-cream shaped designs, we’ve rounded up 10 stylish clocks you can buy online.

1. Tom Wall Clock Terrazzo Pink R1 199, Present Time at Superbalist.com

2. Emma Wall Clock R1 399, Country Road

3. Ice-cream Wall Clock R350, Simply Child

4. Round Clock Pink R399, Native Décor

5. Leff Amsterdam Tile 25 Wall Clock R2 795, Elevenpast

6. Straight Up Birch & Oak Clock R1 070, Esque

7. Sensu Wall Clock R999, Present Time at Superbalist.com

8. Yellow Tones Wall Clock R600, Tydloos.com

9. Leff Amsterdam Felt Wall Clock R2 490, Elevenpast

10. Lightning Bolt Wall Clock R170, Simply Child