10 Cool Umbrellas For Winter

COMPILED BY Michaela Stehr

With winter swiftly approaching, it’s time to trade in last year’s wind-swept brollies for something a bit more stylish and fun. Here are 10 options you can find online today.

1. Umbrella UM001 R695, Clinton Friedman at Africandy

2. 21” Manual Open Fold-Up Umbrella R50, The Umbrella Man

3. Monochrome Mini Umbrella R140, Woolworths

4. Kitty Tipsy Umbrella R650, Victoria Verbaan

5. Black Umbrella R537, Pringle of Scotland at Spree.co.za

6. Keta Umbrella R534.51, Babatunde

7. Senz Mini in Passion Red R565, Smacs.co.za

8. Polka Dot Umbrella R49.99, Mr Price

9. Rain Clouds Mini Umbrella R140, Woolworths

10. Totes Travel Umbrella R450, Cape Union Mart