The Journey of Creation: Inside Weylandts Latest Collection

WORDS Gina Dionisio PHOTOS Supplied

With the launch of over 200 new products, Chris and Anna Weylandt share an inside look into the development of Weylandts’ latest collection. 

Unveiling Weylandts’ seasonal store revamp and biggest collection to date at the Weylandts Green Point store, Chris Weylandt shared an inside look into the development of each range. Designing and developing new unique pieces is often a process that takes several years. “Nothing good is created in a rush – it’s only through time, patience and perseverance that you arrive at an incredible end product,” says Chris.

Chris believes in designing products that tell a story. To create their new collection, the Weylandts team travelled the world to source the finest raw materials and meet with the most skilled makers and suppliers. “When I visit the suppliers, I don’t like to sit down in the office and talk about business – I like to go right through the back door into the yard, where things are happening because you’ll always discover the best product,” he says. “The value of our product is in the journey of creation.”

Honouring the beauty of natural textures and tones, the store revamp highlights the approach of the new collections, from material selection to local craftsmanship to the unique provenance of many of the pieces. The new collections are connected to nature through their use of earthy hues, organic and imperfect shapes, and the incorporation of tactile materials such as crude clay, volcanic lava, wood, and woven fibres that are finished by hand.


The new Tambora Dining Table features soft curved lines, a timber top, and a unique lava stone base, adding an element of adventure. “We got into the back of a bakkie and were taken to a bizarre rock field, next to a volcano, where we sourced the materials from the site,” explains Anna.


The Indian Unique Dining Table is another new piece, curated with the Mallorca Sofa and petrified wood coffee table. The one-of-a-kind dining table has been transformed from antique door frames, beautifully carved and detailed.

The new collection includes a locally-manufactured bedroom range, storage range, and a collection of outdoor pieces that includes three sofas, two dining tables and several chairs, stools and side tables.

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