OKHA’s Toro Dining Chair


WORDS Tulsha Booysen IMAGES Niel Vosloo

This dining chair, inspired by the toro (the Spanish word for “bull”), was created by Cape Town-based interior design and decor studio OKHA.

With its subtle satin finish, carbon-stained ash, and dense, near-black velvet, the TORO dining chair is reminiscent of the glossy black hide that reflects off the bull’s flank and haunches. “I like to think that the chair has a powerful physical presence, like the bull, it is loaded… charged with an assured power,” says OKHA’s Creative Director Adam Court.

The assertive, sculpted arms of the chair represent the bull’s horns and the design features both A-frame and straight-leg versions. For Adam, the A-frame structure of the legs is a direct homage to Brazilian Modernism, and Jean Prouvé and Pierre Jeanneret.

“When designing the chair I liked aspects of both the A-frame and straight-leg versions,” says Adam. “They are the same chair but not the same chair – it’s like the same word said but with a different intonation. It can mean and express many different things and I like that. I like that with small changes you can say very different things.”

For more information, visit okha.com.