Mr. North

WORDS Mary Garner

Mr. North is a design collective based in Baltar, Portugal, made up of six creative minds namely, Clementine Caurier, Giacomo Cattani, Javier Gomez, Jonas Lyndby Jensen, Sascha Sartory and Studio Gud.

They produce collections under the Mr. North label that include wooden chairs, desks, bookshelves, sideboards and tables, such as the 60s’ Armchair, The Clavicula Chair, the space-saving Anubi Desk, the Nerone Bookshelf and the Feuille Coffee Table.

Trendy minimalism and art deco-inspired elements make the pieces current, creative and sought after. The ranges demonstrate sophistication and a high-end design aesthetic thats timelessness will see the items age well through generations.

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