Lorraine Loots Launches New Project: A Thousand Lovers’ Eyes

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES courtesy of Lorraine Loots

Internationally recognised artist Lorraine Loots, best known for her intricately detailed miniature paintings, is launching a new project that’s three years in the making.

Inspired by the sentimental jewellery of 18th-century Europe, whereby lovers would gift their partners paintings of their eyes, Lorraine has pledged to create 1 000 contemporary versions of these paintings in the form of miniature watercolours that hang on gold pendants.

The idea came to Lorraine after her son was born. She had received an empty locket from her mother, a family heirloom, the year before and wanted to fill it with a miniature painting.

Created in collaboration with Australia-based South African jewellery designer Carla Maxine Germann, each pendant, available in either 9ct white, yellow or rose gold, will be engraved with a date of your choosing, the edition number (e.g. 100/1000) and Lorraine’s signature. The tiny paintings will be encased in Sapphire domed glass.

You can book a painting slot from 14 February 2020. For more information, visit lorraineloots.com.