Green Grass Design

WORDS Tunet Jordaan

When Ria Kraftt and her team opened the boutique graphic design agency Green Grass Design in 2002, little did they know that the acquisition of a laser cutter would lead to an entirely new direction for the business.

Twelve years and tonnes of quirky product designs later, Green Grass Design boasts a shop in Parkhurst, Joburg, and a design studio round the corner. Green Grass Design’s array of off-the-wall products are practical, quirky and environmentally friendly.

Laser-cut to perfection, a Happy Hanger is perfect for displaying your latest copy of VISI. Made of either Novalite (wood) or Perspex, both manufactured from recycled materials, this range of 11 fun characters is available in wood, solid or translucent colours, and attaches to any smooth surface by way of a sturdy suction cup, allowing a single magazine to be hung by its spine. The book ends are made of plywood and engraved with two henna-inspired designs. The laser-cut doilies are made of recycled wood and can be used as place mats – although they’re extremely fragile – or you can hang them on the wall to add an element of nostalgia to a room.

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