Gaming Chairs from Cecil Nurse


A high-end gaming chair needs to bring comfort to its user, allowing a gamer to fully immerse themselves into the experience of playing their favorite titles.

From solid finishes to internal technology that interacts with a game’s audio and responds to what’s happening on screen, gaming chairs are more often than not ergonomically designed, aiming to make the experience more comfortable for the user’s back, neck and legs during extended gaming sessions.

“If you want to enhance your gaming experience, and make yourself more comfortable when you play, then investing in a gaming chair is an excellent idea,” says Sabrina O’Hagan, Cecil Nurse’s Marketing Manager.

Genedia Gaming Chair

While both gaming chairs and office chairs are designed for long hours at a desk, gaming chairs also have more options when it comes to adjustability. This is specifically important for people who play games because finding a position that allows you to comfortably, quickly and precisely control your in-game character for long periods of time is crucial.

Professional gaming chairs are not only ergonomic and comfortable, featuring extra cushioning, they also promote overall wellness for the body when seated. As normal desk activities don’t require this level of responsiveness, office chairs aren’t always as adjustable.

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