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non-alcoholic drinks

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We’ve rounded up some of our favourite non-alcoholic drinks for the sober-curious.

non-alcoholic drinks – Seedlip


Grove 42 is a spicy concoction with orange
and mandarin peel and pith top notes, and juicy blood orange undertones; while Garden 108 is
a fresh blend of peas and garden herbs such as rosemary, thyme and spearmint. Expect a clean flavour with a dry finish.

non-alcoholic drinks – Lautus


Lautus sticks to strict winemaking rules, ensuring that you get a real wine – minus the alcohol
– with all the complexity of its traditional peers. From zesty whites to robust reds, Lautus has you covered.

non-alcoholic drinks – Mahala Botanical

Mahala Botanical

Capetonian Danielle Schoeman’s triple-distilled, alcohol-free spirit is imbued with the flavours of fynbos. Expect a complex, layered beverage with aromas of spice and subtle florals, and a long, herbaceous, citrus finish.

non-alcoholic drinks – Duchess


This pre-mixed, on-the-go alcohol-free gin and tonic in a can is an easy option for outdoor living. Choose between the Botanical and Floral flavours for a refreshingly light and thirst- quenching summer sipper.

non-alcoholic drinks – Abstinence


There are several Abstinence spirit variants, so you can switch it up depending on your mood. Each bottle showcases a local ingredient
as the star – these include buchu, rose geranium, African wormwood and impepho.

non-alcoholic drinks – Musgrave Inspirit


Ethereal, light and elegant in style, Musgrave INSPIRIT is infused with cardamom and juniper notes that complement those of African ginger, lime and grains of paradise to give a harmonious and fragrant finish.