Energy-saving blinds


With the trend towards homes with larger windows and doors that enhance the amount of light entering a home Luxaflex®, South Africa’s leading window styling brand, provides a new energy saving alternative to the already proven range of Luxaflex® window styling products.

Luxaflex® Duette® Blinds are a perfect solution for better indoor climate management, saving money on energy costs. The Duette® blind features an advanced honeycomb pleated fabric construction, with the Architella® option having three air pockets built into the fabric, making it one of the most distinctive and energy efficient blinds available.

Windows act as ‘energy holes’ in the home. Despite the fact that windows make up only about 10% of a home’s insulated shell, up to 50% of the home’s heating and cooling energy can escape through them.

By introducing Luxaflex® Duette® Blinds, the heat loss is minimised from a home in winter and the amount of radiant energy permitted to enter the home in summer is also reduced. The resulting amount of energy needed to heat or cool a property can be significantly reduced, leading to a very welcome reduction in energy bills.

Although highly practical, Duette® Blinds are extremely stylish and soft on the eye. Available in a large range of colours and with varying degrees of light transmission, they are suitable for any size or shape of window and are sure to enhance any decor style.  A full remote control programme is also available for total ease of operation.

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