Diary: Local Events To Look Forward To

local events
Sam Nhlengethwa – East View Corner: Nugget and RS Kerk Str

There’s always something to look forward to on the local arts scene. We’ve rounded up some awesome events and exhibitions for you to add to your calendar.

Future Nostalgia Photographic Group Exhibition by Analogue Cape Town at ElevenEleven Creative Space in Cape Town

Until 16 October 2019

Analogue Cape Town’s maiden foray on the exhibition scene pauses on the subject and concept of ‘Future Nostalgia’. The open concept aims to challenge the collective into producing a body of work that takes a nostalgic look at subject matter from the past that may still have modern relevance, and looks at how the two may interplay over time.

The aim however is to allow the concept to be individually interpreted by each photographer, and be malleable enough to create a visual of their own vision and style. Twenty-four framed photographic prints from 12 participating photographers will be selected for display by a small panel from the group. All photographic work will have been captured on and produced from various forms of film stock or by analogue means.

For more information, visit instagram.com/analoguecapetown.

Boys on the Side Solo Exhibition by Michael Taylor at WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery in Cape Town

Until 19 October 2019

Michael Taylor – The Modernist

This small portraiture exercise began in 2018. The nature of the project was intended to be a distraction for Michael from his wider practice; from the imaginary landscapes and fictitious figurative narratives that he has become synonymous with.

Extracted from a miscellaneous pool of source material, these painted figures become allusions to existing people, archetypes, and fantasies: Golden Boys of our dreams and of our realities. The title of the show alludes to it being an alluring affair or project that Michael tampered with on the side.

For more information, visit whatiftheworld.com.

The Little Binche Peacock and other Utopian Dreams Solo Exhibition by Pierre Fouché at WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery in Cape Town

Until 19 October 2019

Pierre Fouché – The Lord Himself among us

Comprising of a large-scale installation, this ambitious exhibition reveals the high craftsmanship of Pierre’s practice as a lacemaker. Through referencing historical notions of utopia, Pierre looks towards ingenuity and imagination, and invokes the fantastical as tools for seeking out an alternative existence.

For more information, visit whatiftheworld.com.

By Ben Orkin Solo Exhibition at WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery in Cape Town

Until 19 October 2019

Orkin’s series of large-scale vessels centralises love shared, given, and taken between lovers. Importantly, he reflects on this love from his position as a queer artist.

For more information, visit whatiftheworld.com.

feelthings Solo Exhibition by Dominique Edwards at Barnard Gallery in Cape Town

Until 22 October 2019

Dominique Edwards – Plaster of Paris

Process and labour intensive, Dominique’s enigmatic plaster forms have evolved intuitively over the past two years. With layers of plastering, additions and extensions, carving away and ultimately sanding to a high-level finish, the work represents an extensive practice-based meditation through the medium of Plaster of Paris. Unlike traditional applications of casting and mould-making, the plaster forms are ends in themselves – their insides and their surfaces have been negotiated over long periods in the artists’ studio. The forms, the feelthings, are found in this way.

As with previous work, under the title of Gutspeak, Dominique suggests that the space between maker and material is mysterious and that there’s an interaction of knowledge systems and affective entanglements. The stakes are high for this endeavour. Are the things we make mere reflections of our inner workings or do they breathe with a similar primordial urge to exist and extend influence?

For more information, visit barnardgallery.com.

Sanlam Portrait Award 2019 Exhibition at AVA Gallery, Cape Town

Until 23 October 2019

AVA Gallery is hosting 60 of the top 100 entries of this years Sanlam Portrait Awards. Launched in 2013 the Sanlam Portrait Award is a biennial competition that aims to increase public awareness and appreciation for the art of portraiture, as well as give South African artists an opportunity for further exposure. The competition is based on anonymous judging: all the works entered are unsigned, thereby levelling the playing field and ensuring that the three judges select the top 100 portraits purely on technicality, narrative and emotional appeal.

For more information, visit ava.co.za.

Reflecting on August Group Exhibition at THK Gallery in Johannesburg

Until 25 October 2019

August House, located in Johannesburg’s inner city, is an artistic space that fuels inventiveness and encourages thinking through incubation and collaboration. Looking at creativity and its relationship with inspiration, Reflecting on August aims to link the different practices and processes of each artist to their respective studios, as well as to their work, created surrounded by others, in the heart of a highly urbanised, intense, city centre. Within this exhibition, we reflect on shared spaces and environment as a common fertile ground triggering thoughts, differences and in the case of August House: singular art.

Exhibiting artists: Andrew Orapeleng Ntshabele, Fatima Tayob Moosa, Jake Michael Singer, Themba Khumalo, Thina Dube, Toni-Ann Ballenden and Vusi Beauchamp.

For more information, visit thkgallery.com.

Fanie Buys Happy Birthday Jesus! Solo Exhibition at 99 Loop Gallery in Cape Town

Until 26 October 2019

Fanie Buys – This is probably a symbolic painting but hey don’t shoot the messenger

Fanie Buys explores replication, reproduction and reciprocity through his painting practice. He has a deep entomological fascination with celebrities, buildings and most recently, Christmas.

For more information, visit 99loop.co.za/events/fanie-buys.

Craig Smith It’s Irrelevant Too Exhibition at 99 Loop Gallery in Cape Town

Until 26 October 2019

Craig Smith – Pretend

The title of Craig Smith’s solo exhibition comes from the comparative irrelevance of modern life which one notices when reality is suspended for a moment and all the background noise and visual clutter fades away. The ambiguity and abstraction of Smith’s painted surfaces offer a chance for viewers to connect with the experience of contemplation and discovery.

For more information, visit 99loop.co.za/events/craig-smith.

Entropy Group Exhibition at Salon Ninety One Gallery in Cape Town

Until 26 October 2019

Jeanne Hoffman – Subterranean Section

Salon Ninety One is hosting a group exhibition featuring the works of Bruce Mackay, Heidi Fourie, Jeanne Hoffman, Paul Senyol and Tendai Mupita.

For more information, visit salon91.co.za.

Gavin Rain Solo Exhibition at WORLDART in Cape Town

Until 31 October 2019

Gavin Rain – Marilyn

Gavin Rain’s arrangements of colourful dots morph into portraits of iconic people when viewers take a step back or look at the paintings through a camera on their phones.

WORLDART is pleased to host the artist’s first since solo exhibition in South Africa since 2009.

Years of marrying art and mathematics has led Gavin to perfect and expand his technique and visitors can expect new designs and formations. It will also be the launch of a new range of screen prints produced in conjunction with Master Printmaker and founder of Warren Editions, Zhané Warren.

For more information, visit worldart.co.za.

Chloe Townsend Lots of Love Solo Exhibition at Chandler House in Cape Town

Until 31 October 2019

Chloe Townsend – Gilles’ Studio with Red Ladder

Titled Lots of Love, the exhibition is comprised of work that speaks to the nature of love, the spaces where love happens and the things in our lives that evoke – and protect it.

Having just moved with her small family into a new home, replete with a garden and studio – where much of this exhibition was created, one cannot help but feel the overflowing of love that the artist currently feels in her life. But don’t be fooled – love is not all roses and sunshine. In her carefully-composed still-life works, Chloe offers us a warning; love comes with banal, dark, spiky and wild aspects too. Her choice of fabrics, colour and natural elements help soften these aspects in her work – and are likely to do the same for the homes and spaces in which they will ultimately rest.

For more information, visit chandlerhouse.co.za.

Liza Grobler a rainbow in my pocket Solo Exhibition at Everard Read Cape Town

10 October – 1 November 2019

Liza Grobler – Moving Till The Stars Align

a rainbow in my pocket is a series of paintings that recounts ‘scapes’ from the past twelve months of Cape Town artist Liza Grobler’s life, captured in mixed media on canvas. The individual pieces become building blocks for a larger narrative, where the physical movement through space (be it landscape, cityscape or dreamscape) is evoked as an emotive response to place.

For more information, visit everard-read-capetown.co.za.

Ikhono LaseNatali Exhibition at A4 Arts Foundation in Cape Town

Until 7 November 2019

Ikhono LaseNatali

The Ikhono LaseNatali exhibition, currently running at the A4 Arts Foundation in Cape Town, a not-for-profit laboratory for the arts in Southern Africa, features 25 young artists from KwaZulu-Natal who have interpreted an image from Sir Professor Zanele Muholi’s Somnyama Ngonyama photo series.

For more information, visit a4arts.org.

Rocks Group Exhibition and Publication Launch at the gallery, in partnership with the gallery, in Johannesburg

Until 9 November 2019

From Where I Was, a project in parts: part two, Io Makandal & Sam McCulloch, 2016

This group exhibition, curated by Chloë Reid and Matty Roodt, features work by Nina Barnett, Nolan Oswald Dennis, Jared Ginsburg, Thami Jali, Io Makandal, Nabeeha Mohammed, Daniella Mooney, Sean O’Toole, Matty Roodt, Jonah Sack and Sitaara Stodel.

For more information, visit gallerygallery.co.za.

Sam Nhlengethwa Joburg Selected Solo Exhibition at Goodman Gallery Johannesburg

12 October – 9 November 2019

Sam Nhlengethwa – East View Corner: Nugget and RS Kerk Str

Goodman Gallery Johannesburg opens Joburg Selected, a new body of work by Sam Nhlengethwa which takes the artist’s relationship to the city’s built environment as its source of inspiration.

Despite living outside of the city to this day, the artist has spent much of his life working in and around Joburg, occupying a workspace at the Bag Factory in Fordsburg for 25 years and more recently, a studio at August House in Doornfontein. With this new series, Sam Nhlengethwa reflects on the sights and sounds he’s absorbed during this period, zeroing in on a series of buildings and places which for one reason or another occupy a place in his impression of the city.

For more information, visit goodman-gallery.com.

Clive van den Berg Line of Beauty Solo Exhibition at Goodman Gallery Cape Town

17 October – 16 November 2019

Clive van den Berg – Meeting in Limbo

Line of Beauty is a new series of paintings, drawings and sculptural works by Clive van den Berg.

Line of Beauty takes its title from an exploration of the aesthetic current underpinning the political ideas and concerns present throughout van den Berg’s practice. The exhibition is accompanied by the launch of Sketchbook 1, the first in a series of artist books which feature selected sketches and annotations from Clive’s personal sketchbooks collected over the past several decades.

For more information, visit goodman-gallery.com.

Paulo Nazareth Phambi Kwendlovu Solo Exhibition at STEVENSON Cape Town

Until 23 November 2019

Paulo Nazareth – On The Rivers of the River (from the series The Red Inside)

STEVENSON is proud to present Phambi Kwendlovu, Paulo Nazareth’s first solo exhibition on the continent.

Paulo Nazareth, who describes himself as an artist “that lives and works throughout the world”, integrates found imagery, organic matter and urban detritus into his sculptures, installations and paintings, to spotlight the connections between historic migrations, contemporary expressions of the colonial encounter and the contours of diaspora.

For more information, visit stevenson.info.

I See U: Imagining a Space for Freedom Exhibition at Spier in Stellenbosch

Until 30 November 2019

Artwork by Helen Sebidi

I See U: Imagining a Space for Freedom features more than 35 works from the Spier Collection.

Celebrating 25 years of South Africa’s democracy, the works – by artists such as Athi-Patra Ruga, Helen Sebidi and Ricky Ayanda Dyaloyi – encompass painting, sculpture, photography, beadwork and drawing.

Together they powerfully illustrate the importance of art to catalyse change, hold the powerful to account, and give a voice to the voiceless.

For more information, visit spier.co.za.

TSIATSIA – Searching For Connection Solo Exhibition by El Anatsui at ZEITZ MOCAA in Cape Town

Until December 2019

TSIATSIA – Searching For Connection, by the acclaimed artist El Anatsui, will adorn the museum’s iconic BMW Atrium until the end of the year.

El’s work breaks away from the traditional cast of sculptural practice to invoke a multilayered, sensory reimagining of our material world.

For more information, visit zeitzmocaa.museum.

MJ Lourens: Land Rewoven / Land Herweef Exhibition at La Motte Museum in Franschhoek, in collaboration with Barnard Gallery

Until 12 January 2020

La Motte Museum and Barnard Gallery are pleased to present Land Rewoven / Land Herweef. The exhibition comprises a considered body of work by MJ Lourens in conversation with selected paintings of JH Pierneef from La Motte Museum’s collection, inspired by the notion of recontextualising the latter well-known oeuvre within a contemporary dialogue.

The exhibition explores the interpretation of land by two South African artists from different generations, whose work could broadly be classified within the same genre. MJ’s expansive land- and cityscapes composed of skies, clouds and industria, pierced in instances by interjecting elements, invites the viewer to join this exchange of ideas surrounding themes of geographical place, memory and identity, read in relation to Pierneef’s work.

For more information, visit la-motte.com.

The Largest William Kentridge Exhibition in Africa at Zeitz MOCAA and Norval Foundation in Cape Town

Until 23 March 2020

The largest exhibition to be held in Africa in over a decade by internationally acclaimed artist William Kentridge is set to open in Cape Town in August. The major exhibition of his work will be hosted simultaneously in two parts by Norval Foundation and the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA), opening 24 August and running through to March 2020.

Local art enthusiasts and international visitors to Cape Town – a fast-growing cultural capital – will gain access to many different works, executed over decades, by William Kentridge in two of the city’s leading art institutions at the same time, with the artist’s Why Should I Hesitate? Sculpture on view at Norval Foundation and Why Should I Hesitate? Putting Drawings To Work on display at Zeitz MOCAA.

For more information, visit zeitzmocaa.museum and norvalfoundation.org.