Diary: Local Events To Look Forward To

local events
Jo Voysey - Divide

There’s always something to look forward to on the local arts scene. We’ve rounded up some awesome events and exhibitions for you to add to your calendar.

Publik Wine Fair, Victoria Yards, Joburg

16 November 2019

Publik Wine Fair – Joburg will take place on 16 November 2019 at the Victoria Yards venue in downtown Johannesburg. With its large industrial warehouse, the venue brings new capacity to allow for even more guests, ensuring a festive afternoon to taste the latest releases from some of the best artisan wine producers in South Africa.

In its second year now, Publik Wine Fair – Joburg 2019 will bring together some of the best growers, winemakers and producers who will pour over 100 wines for visitors. Visitors will taste limited production wines from lesser-known grapes and areas and engage with the makers themselves to understand firsthand what makes them and their wines so special.

To buy tickets, visit quicket.co.za.

Clive van den Berg Line of Beauty Solo Exhibition at Goodman Gallery Cape Town

Until 16 November 2019

Clive van den Berg – Meeting in Limbo

Line of Beauty is a new series of paintings, drawings and sculptural works by Clive van den Berg.

Line of Beauty takes its title from an exploration of the aesthetic current underpinning the political ideas and concerns present throughout van den Berg’s practice. The exhibition is accompanied by the launch of Sketchbook 1, the first in a series of artist books which feature selected sketches and annotations from Clive’s personal sketchbooks collected over the past several decades.

For more information, visit goodman-gallery.com.

Wim Legrand’s Solo Exhibition Twilight of the Vanities at 99 Loop Gallery in Cape Town

Until 23 November 2019

Something That’s There Before You Arrive, 2019

Wim Legrand’s exhibition is a continued exploration of the artist’s idiosyncratic visual language of unicorns, cheeses and hotdogs – randomly commonplace, seemingly innocuous objects staged in fabulistic landscape scenes. Playing with visual motifs and an array of references, the exhibition draws a parallel between historic painting traditions and the iconography and practices of our current social media age. Ultimately, Wim’s paintings explore how images accrue, change, and sometimes lose, meaning.

For more information, visit 99loop.co.za.

Dillon Marsh Counting the Costs Solo Exhibition at Gallery MOMO, Cape Town

Until 23 November 2019

Dillon Marsh – 18.64 cubic meters: the average volume of ice lost on Chhota Shigri glacier every minute, 2019

The photographs in the exhibition feature accurately scaled ice models that Marsh created and placed within typical human environments to present a new way of visualising global climate change and the melting ice glaciers. Ominous and surreal, these photographs concretise the realities of climate change, realities which are often rendered elusive by statistics and discourse. Collaging this colossal loss against the every day, Dillon draws our attention to the dramatic climate changes that continue unabated while we go about our lives. Snapshots of polluted rivers, trash-edged streets and demolished buildings are delocalised, becoming synecdoches for ecological crises at large. This exhibition also speaks to how climate change affects the already marginalised disproportionately, rendering poor communities vulnerable to loss of land, capital and resources as the world becomes ever more uninhabitable. 

For more information, visit gallerymomo.com.

Donna Kukama Mooood Solo Exhibition at blank projects in Cape Town

Until 23 November 2019

Donna Kukama – and the same soil, this very restless soil, wishes it could spew out all the blood shed (2019)

For more information, visit blankprojects.com.

Paulo Nazareth Phambi Kwendlovu Solo Exhibition at STEVENSON Cape Town

Until 23 November 2019

Paulo Nazareth – On The Rivers of the River (from the series The Red Inside)

STEVENSON is proud to present Phambi Kwendlovu, Paulo Nazareth’s first solo exhibition on the continent.

Paulo Nazareth, who describes himself as an artist “that lives and works throughout the world”, integrates found imagery, organic matter and urban detritus into his sculptures, installations and paintings, to spotlight the connections between historic migrations, contemporary expressions of the colonial encounter and the contours of diaspora.

For more information, visit stevenson.info.

Jaco van Schalkwyk, in collaboration with Jenna Burchell and Wayne Matthews: A Land I Name Yesterday at Barnard Gallery in Cape Town

Until 26 November 2019

Collaboration between Jenna Burchell and Jaco van Schalkwyk – On This Eve the Souls Will Dream (2019)

Picture a thicket you have to meander through. But the barbs and snags in this thicket are not comprised of thorns or twigs. It’s a metaphysical thicket of ideas and line work, of recorded brainwaves and German woodcuts cut up and put together again. It’s a thicket from which you might not emerge the same, as it skirts from clear answers and embroils the audience in its concerns. This is the work of Jenna Burchell, Wayne Matthews and Jaco van Schalkwyk, titled A Land I Name Yesterday.

For more information, visit barnardgallery.com.

Bastiaan van Stenis Wake me gently singing Solo Exhibition at WORLDART Gallery in Cape Town

Until 28 November 2019

Bastiaan van Stenis is a skilful and adventurous painter whose first solo exhibition in two years opens at WORLDART in Cape Town on Thursday 7 November.

With a body of work titled Wake me gently singing, Bastiaan describes the paintings for this show as “light, kind of romantic but playful”.

For more information, visit worldart.co.za.

Genevieve Rosochacki’s solo exhibition A Place We Love at the Voorkamer Gallery in Cape Town

Until 30 November 2019

Evidence of Summer

Genevieve Rosochacki is a painter who has lived above a secluded Cape Town beach for the past 17 years. The small and sandy cove is bookmarked between enormous granite boulders, which provide shelter and peace for its discerning visitors of lovers, families and friends. This beach has become a place where the artist finds tranquillity, a connection with nature and a sense of community from the people who come to this beach for the very same reasons. The works exhibited are the distillation of thousands of hours of observation; from both the beach and the studio where Genevieve has mastered the human form through years of life-drawing practice.

For more information, visit chandlerhouse.co.za.

HELIOS Solo Exhibition by Kirsten Beets at Salon Ninety One in Cape Town

Until 30 November 2019

Cocktail Hour

Hot on the heels of a sell-out exhibition at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Kirsten Beets presents Helios, her fifth solo exhibition with Salon Ninety One. Drawing on her interest in classical studies, Helios explores the contemporary Southern Hemisphere summer holiday, a time imbued for Kirsten with a mythological quality.

For more information, visit salon91.co.za.

John Murray Sum of its Parts Solo Exhibition at WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery in Cape Town

Until 30 November 2019


This body of work is a reconciliation of John Murray’s two signature styles, abstract and figurative painting, through conveying his working process. Setting itself up as the unfolding of a sketchbook, or as the act of turning the studio inside-out, the exhibition demonstrates his patterned mark-making and juxtaposing of imagery.

For more information, visit whatiftheworld.com.

I See U: Imagining a Space for Freedom Exhibition at Spier in Stellenbosch

Until 30 November 2019

Artwork by Helen Sebidi

I See U: Imagining a Space for Freedom features more than 35 works from the Spier Collection.

Celebrating 25 years of South Africa’s democracy, the works – by artists such as Athi-Patra Ruga, Helen Sebidi and Ricky Ayanda Dyaloyi – encompass painting, sculpture, photography, beadwork and drawing.

Together they powerfully illustrate the importance of art to catalyse change, hold the powerful to account, and give a voice to the voiceless.

For more information, visit spier.co.za.

In Murmurs Solo Exhibition by Jake Michael Singer at THK Gallery in Cape Town

Until 6 December 2019

Jake Michael Singer – Escalation Incident with Spiral, 2019

In Murmurs is the first solo exhibition by contemporary artist Jake Michael Singer in Cape Town.

Born in South Africa in 1991, Jake Michael Singer is a multidisciplinary artist. He completed his bachelor’s at Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town in 2013, after deepening his learning over the course of 2012 at Central Saint Martins in London.

For more information, visit thkgallery.com

Land and Sea Group Exhibition at Art on Avenues in Somerset West

Until 7 December 2019

Jo Voysey – Divide

We are all interconnected with the land and the sea, spiritually, physically, socially and culturally. As inhabitants of this planet we not only draw energy from our surroundings, but we also draw inspiration from it.

Featured artists include Adele Potgieter, Alexia Vogel, Alison Jean Shaw, Jessica Storm Kapp, Jo Voysey, Johann Booyens, Laurel Holmes, Laurinda Belcher, Natasha Norman, Nicolene Burger, Rentia Retief, Sarah Grace, Swain Hoogervorst, Vanessa Cowling and Yolanda Warnich.

For more information, visit artonavenues.co.za.

TSIATSIA – Searching For Connection Solo Exhibition by El Anatsui at ZEITZ MOCAA in Cape Town

Until December 2019

TSIATSIA – Searching For Connection, by the acclaimed artist El Anatsui, will adorn the museum’s iconic BMW Atrium until the end of the year.

El’s work breaks away from the traditional cast of sculptural practice to invoke a multilayered, sensory reimagining of our material world.

For more information, visit zeitzmocaa.museum.

The Other Side of Christmas Solo Exhibition by Barry Salzman in Cape Town

Until 28 December 2019

Photographer Barry Salzman, recipient of the 2018 International Photographer of the Year Award in the Deeper Perspective category, will showcase a body of work entitled The Other Side of Christmas at Deepest Darkest Gallery in Cape Town until 28 December 2019.

Salzman lives between New York and Cape Town and his photographic series, which was shot during a road trip across Southern USA, offers a critique of the “American Dream” while exploring notions of identity and place. These concerns have become even more topical in the divisive Trump era and are particularly heightened over the festive season.

For more information, visit barrysalzman.net and deepestdarkestart.com.

Soft Architectures Group Exhibition at Goodman Gallery Cape Town

Until 11 January 2020

Through sculpture, drawing, print, lens-based media and performance, the work of seven artists each explore the subtle and overt ways in which architecture has been implicated into forms of racialised surveillance, segregated accessibility and the discipline and comportment of bodies, and in turn how architecture has been subverted towards forms of resistance such as strategic concealment and networks of defiance.

Soft Architectures is realised across locations at Goodman Cape Town with many of the works themselves resisting and subverting the disciplinary constraints of the gallery space.

Artists include Yto Barrada (New York, USA), Kapwani Kiwanga (Paris, France), Simone Leigh (New York, USA), Mateo López (New York, USA), Paul Maheke (London, UK), Naama Tsabar (New York, USA) and Jeremy Wafer (Johannesburg, South Africa).

For more information, visit goodman-gallery.com.

MJ Lourens: Land Rewoven / Land Herweef Exhibition at La Motte Museum in Franschhoek, in collaboration with Barnard Gallery

Until 12 January 2020

La Motte Museum and Barnard Gallery are pleased to present Land Rewoven / Land Herweef. The exhibition comprises a considered body of work by MJ Lourens in conversation with selected paintings of JH Pierneef from La Motte Museum’s collection, inspired by the notion of recontextualising the latter well-known oeuvre within a contemporary dialogue.

The exhibition explores the interpretation of land by two South African artists from different generations, whose work could broadly be classified within the same genre. MJ’s expansive land- and cityscapes composed of skies, clouds and industria, pierced in instances by interjecting elements, invites the viewer to join this exchange of ideas surrounding themes of geographical place, memory and identity, read in relation to Pierneef’s work.

For more information, visit la-motte.com.

Abstract Solo Exhibition by Clementina van Der Walt at Kim Sacks Gallery in Johannesburg

Until 15 January 2020

For more information, visit kimsacks.com.

Kendell Geers Solo Exhibition In Gozi We Trust at Goodman Gallery Johannesburg

Until 18 January 2020

Kendell Geers – Third World Disorder 2019

The title might translate as “In DANGER We Trust” or be read as “In Jozi We Trust”, a subtle reference to William Kentridge’s animation Johannesburg, 2nd Greatest City After Paris (1989). This play on words is typical of Kendell Geers’ trickster sensibilities and references the Nguni words for danger (ingozi) and God (nkosi) via the slogan “In God We Trust”. The works in the exhibition examine the role that threat and danger play in the construction of Johannesburg’s identity and the consoling habit of finding comfort through the beauty of art.

For more information, visit goodman-gallery.com.

There’s Glitter in my Soup! Solo exhibition by Steven Cohen at STEVENSON Johannesburg

Until 24 January 2020

Steven Cohen – Taste Vienna

Steven Cohen’s new series of self-portraits, intimately crafted using make-up, are an extension of his three-decade-long performance practice. Incorporating make-up, glitter, butterfly wings and Steven’s DNA, they bear the memory of these performances, both as physical residue and as testament to the meditative practices undertaken pre- and post-performance. As such, There’s glitter in my soup! offers the face as something both extraverted and inhabited.

For more information, visit stevenson.info.

Communion Group Exhibition at Southern Guild in Cape Town

Until 30 January 2020

Image by Ricardo Simal

Communion brings into dialogue intensely personal work by six artists. Working in different disciplines, each artist uses their creative process to wrestle with, sanctify or release the ties that bind. The shared site of the gallery becomes a place for communion between the artist and their subject on the one hand, and among the group of artists together, on the other.  

The six featured artists are Andile Dyalvane, Justine Mahoney, Zizipho Poswa, Rich Mnisi, Madoda Fani and Chris Soal.

For more information, visit southernguild.co.za.

Discoveries from Africa in Plettenberg Bay

11 December 2019 – 31 January 2020

Baba Tree Baskets

A curated collection of intricately handcrafted basketware, jewellery, handbags, photography, ceramics, furniture and other examples of contemporary African design will be showcased in Plettenberg Bay this summer.

The Discoveries from Africa exhibition is the brainchild of Design Afrika’s founder Binky Newman, whose passion for exquisite baskets has taken her to many remote parts of the continent; and Suzie Ovenstone, owner of the venue, The White House in the centre of Plettenberg Bay.

The exhibition will showcase high-end design from Ghana, Rwanda, DRC, Tanzania, Mali, Malawi, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and South Africa. A portion of the sales turnover will be donated to The Tikki Hywood Foundation, which works to conserve lesser-known rare and endangered species, such as pangolins.

The event takes place at 6 Crescent Street, Plettenberg Bay. For more information, email design.afrika.info@gmail.com.

Acts at the Crossroads Solo Exhibition by Obotong Nkanga at Zeitz MOCAA in Cape Town

Until 23 February 2020

Otobong Nkanga – Shaping Memory, 2012.

Living and working in Belgium, Nigerian-born Otobong Nkanga has received considerable recognition and major accolades, including the inaugural Lise Wilhelmsen Art Award (2019); the Sharjah Art Foundation Prize (2019);  the Belgian Art Prize (2017); and the 8th Yanghyun Prize, Korea (2015). 

For more information, visit zeitzmocaa.museum

Design Indaba 2020

26 – 28 February 2020

Design Indaba has been built on the foundation that creativity drives progress and opens doors. In times of challenge, it can prove the key to unlocking the cures. As a result, the three-day programme will continue to offer a spectrum of events that prompt people to think, and act, from the Emerging Creatives showcase to the daily action outside on the piazza, and of course the conference itself. The programme is designed to catalyse creativity, foster networking and inspire progress and innovation across disciplines and divides.

The conference will once again take place early in the calendar – kicking off the year with a high-octane programme of dynamic talks, exciting exhibitions and engaging workshops. It will run from 26 to 28 February 2020 at the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town. Additionally, it will be broadcast live via simulcast to major cities around the country, allowing design devotees in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Potchefstroom to take part in this must-attend event.

Ticket sales for Design Indaba 2020 are officially open. Tickets can be bought via webtickets.co.za.

The Largest William Kentridge Exhibition in Africa at Zeitz MOCAA and Norval Foundation in Cape Town

Until 23 March 2020

The largest exhibition to be held in Africa in over a decade by internationally acclaimed artist William Kentridge is set to open in Cape Town in August. The major exhibition of his work will be hosted simultaneously in two parts by Norval Foundation and the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA), opening 24 August and running through to March 2020.

Local art enthusiasts and international visitors to Cape Town – a fast-growing cultural capital – will gain access to many different works, executed over decades, by William Kentridge in two of the city’s leading art institutions at the same time, with the artist’s Why Should I Hesitate? Sculpture on view at Norval Foundation and Why Should I Hesitate? Putting Drawings To Work on display at Zeitz MOCAA.

For more information, visit zeitzmocaa.museum and norvalfoundation.org.

Galileo Open Air Cinema, Cape Town and surrounds

Until 25 April 2020

Nothing signals the arrival of summer sweeter than the return of The Galileo Open Air Cinema, Cape Town’s first and finest outdoor movie experience. Offering a line-up packed with 117 of the greatest movies, from golden classics to fun family favourites, creepy horrors, heart-tugging rom-coms and everything in between, The Galileo provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable night out for any occasion and no occasion at all.

Running from Wednesday to Saturday and December Sundays, The Galileo adds movie magic to some of the most picturesque venues, giving movie-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to experience their favourite movie or favourite venue in a truly unique and exciting way. Kirstenbosch Gardens is one of The Galileo’s beloved regular venues and takes the limelight every Wednesday and Thursday evening this summer. Fridays add a dose of variety with the rotation of four sensational venues: Battery Park (V&A Waterfront), Meerendal Wine Estate (Durbanville), Central Park (Century City) and Steenberg Farm (Tokai). Saturdays remain a Winelands experience, with 20 award-winning wine estates across Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Franschhoek and Paarl forming part of the schedule while Sundays during December school holidays take place at the Kelvin Grove Club in Newlands and encourages a special family-themed series of events.

For more information and a full line-up, visit thegalileo.co.za.

Gabrielle Goliath’s sound installation, This song is for… at Iziko South African Gallery in Cape Town

Until 27 April 2020

This Song Is For… presents a series of dedication songs chosen by survivors of sexual violence, which are performed as covers by women-led and/or gender-nonconforming ensembles. In each song a disruption occurs at a certain point, creating in the words of Gabrielle Goliath an opportunity for listeners to “inhabit a contested space of traumatic recall – one in which the de-subjectifying violence of rape and its psychic afterlives becomes painfully entangled with personal and political claims to life, dignity, hope, faith, even joy.

For more information, visit iziko.org.za.