Design Journey: Pedersen + Lennard

Design Journey: A Look at Design Studio Pedersen + Lennard

WORDS Celeste Jacobs PHOTOS Santjie Viljoen

As Pedersen + Lennard, James Lennard and Luke Pedersen combine their background in industrial design to produce functional pieces that stand the test of time.


Pedersen + Lennard


As part of our first range, we came up with the idea for a fun piece with hand- and machine-made elements. The Bucket Stool illustrates something beautiful about South African craft and our ability to use colour – in fact, we released new colours recently. The bucket is handmade using galvanised steel in an informal settlement in Cape Town. The timber is cut out of birch plywood from the Baltic and the upholstery is done in our workshop. Our Bucket Stool has been bought in more than 20 countries worldwide and won many awards. It continues to amaze us how such a humble piece has captured the world’s imagination.


Pedersen + Lennard


This table emerged as an expression of our ongoing fascination about the point where steel and timber meet. My grandfather was a French Huguenot farmer in the Karoo – the proportion and tapered legs of the table were inspired by furniture from his home.


Pedersen + Lennard


We spent a year designing and refining this chair into something that would compete with the cheap imports you find almost everywhere these days. The name originates from the stamp at the back of school or hospital furniture, an abbreviation for Kaapse Provinsiale Administrasie. We drew a lot of inspiration from this type of furniture.


Pedersen + Lennard
Pedersen + Lennard
Pedersen + Lennard


We often run into young people who love our work but can’t afford to buy a table just yet, so this kind of piece is a great way to start the journey. Designing things that bring order to spaces is very gratifying – even something as humble as a coat hook. I’m not sure if it’s a sign of getting old, but having the right hook in the right place is a nice feeling when you get home.


Pedersen + Lennard


The softer edges highlight the highly tactile nature of timber. Through the simplicity of this range, we are hoping to bring the appreciation of natural materials and all the good things in life into focus.


Pedersen + Lennard


Originally designed 2010, the BOLD Single Hook has sold all over the world and used in so many creative ways. It’s an incredible outcome for a very simple design that aims to balance the relationship between the timber peg and the steel structure. The collab with VISI was inspired by the brand’s request for something unique that conveys our way of thinking. To highlight this, we felt that scaling it up to such large proportions would be a good way to celebrate this piece and our ongoing pursuit of good quality South African design. You can buy the collab exclusively via the VISI Shop.


Pedersen + Lennard
Pedersen + Lennard


A jewellery box designed to translate an everyday ritual into a more mindful and appreciative moment. Sculpted oak timber and polished solid brass pay homage to the inherent beauty and potential of these materials, seamlessly brought together in the art of manufacturing. Stacking tiers allow for a marked beginning and end to the ritual, while inside, gently curved patterns take their inspiration from the ripples of water and windswept sand dunes — gently cradling your jewels and treasured heirlooms. The Purl Jewellery Box was largely inspired by nature (windswept sand and purling water), Dear Rae’s romantic and delicate “Ode to the Ocean” jewellery collection (whom we collaborated with on the final shoot) and the value of rituals in our lives.

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