Cecil Nurse’s Soundproof Rooms

WORDS Tracy Greenwood

Noise can be a huge distraction, especially in an open-plan office, which is why we’re so impressed with Cecil Nurse’s good-looking solution.

Over the years, rows of boxy offices have given way to informal huddle rooms and sardine-like work hubs, making the ability to concentrate more than a little bit challenging.

“Offices are often designed as beautiful workspaces without enough consideration given to the needs of users or people working within them – resulting in employees working with headphones, isolating themselves from workplace noise and distractions around them to improve individual productivity,” says Cecil Nurse CEO Herbert Meyer. “People should have the right to ‘turn up the volume’. On the flip side, employees should also have the right to work in silence. At Cecil Nurse, we believe these two options can coexist.”

The Cecil Nurse range of soundproof rooms that can be slotted into almost any workspace has been designed for hosting small meetings or video conferences, taking phone calls, or simply as an escape from noise.

The acoustic room creates a sound-protected haven inside an open-plan office for meetings and other situations requiring privacy and focus. Four modules in different sizes create soundproof islands, protected from the surrounding work environment or from busy areas with high foot traffic. The walls are fitted with sound-absorbing mineral wool and re-resistant wooden slats, and the exterior is finished with vertical melamine or fabric-covered panels. Doors are made of insulated glass, helping to further soundproof the cubicles.

For more information, visit cecilnurse.co.za.