Carrol Boyes X The Joinery

carrol boyes

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES

Carrol Boyes and local ethical and sustainable design brand The Joinery have combined forces to create a collaborative community collection.

The new range of felt tote bags and pouches are made from recycled plastic bottles with imagery of well-known Carrol Boyes sculpture artworks illustrated on the front.

“With waste in the oceans and landfills reaching epic proportions there has never been a more crucial time to find alternatives to single-use plastic and explore the potential of proactive change through design,” explains The Joinery on Instagram.

All of the products are locally made and designed by artisans and sewing co-ops based in and around Cape Town, furthering upliftment and community development.

The tote bags retail for R795 each and the pouches for R495 each.

For more information on this range, visit and to shop online, visit