Bose Frames Lens Collection


WORDS Michaela Stehr

Known as a market-leader in the audio sector, now Bose’s Frames Lens Collection combines premium sunglasses and wearable technology for a fusion of form and function.

Wireless earbuds merge with designer sunglasses in these stylish new optics from high-end audio brand Bose. With built-in sensors and hidden speakers that pipe music to your ears, they also come in a choice of two black frames: the round Rondo and the square Alto.

“Frames are both magical and practical,” explains director of Bose Frames Mehul Trivedi. “With the new lens options, they’re versatile premium sunglasses. But when you turn them on, they function like headphones, instantly connecting to your phone, contacts, the web, and all its audible content. Frames have taken the wearable category by storm and we’re really excited to bring their groundbreaking performance – and new accessories – to people all over the world.”

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