African Jacquard’s New Danakil Towel Collection

African Jacquard's New Danakil Towel Collection

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Inspired by the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia, the Danakil Towel is the latest product offering from local textile studio African Jacquard.

Christine, founder and Creative Director of African Jacquard, visited Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression with her family back in early 2020 and was in awe of the beauty of the shimmering salt plains and the vast valleys and canyons.

The piles of salt blocks mined by the Afar people of this region inspired the tiny ‘waffle blocks’ in the brand’s new bath and hand towels. The mesmerising greens and blues of the Sulphur fields, and the shimmery whites and greys of the salt plains directly inspired the colourways in the collection.

Danakil Towel
The extra-length bath sheets are finished with a simple hem and the matching hand towels are finished off with a fringe.

Woven from 100% cotton, African Jacquard’s new Danakil Towel collection is available in five soft colourways (Oasis, Desert Sun, Icy Blue, Lunar Grey and Salt).

Danakil Towel
Danakil Towel

Using the traditional French Jacquard technique, and natural fibres such as French Linen and African Cotton, African Jacquard combines a variety of weaving styles, such as their signature waffle weave, together with traditional African geometric designs to develop unique and extraordinary textiles.

VISI recently teamed up with African Jacquard on the Kuba Beach Mat. You can shop the exclusive collab via the VISI Shop, which is available in two limited colourways – Lagoon and Coral.

African Jacquard

VISI Collab: African Jacquard Kuba Beach Mat

The Kuba Beach Mat is a versatile and lightweight textile inspired by Kuba designs found in Congolese fabrics.

These mats are 130X210cm and woven with 100% African Cotton. Perfect for the beach, pool or picnic.

R1275 | VISI Shop

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