Paper Sculptures by JUDiTH + ROLFE

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES

Minnesota-based artistic duo JUDiTH + ROLFE (made up of husband-and-wife team Daphne Lee and Jamie Sneed) create delicate paper sculptures of plants and flowers, with a strong focus on shadows and lines.

Drawing inspiration from architecture and origami, the duo makes use of a paper quilling technique to create their botanical masterpieces, putting a mesmerising spin on traditional paper art.

“The technique I use most can broadly be called ‘quilling’ since I work with strips of paper and lay them on edge to form designs,” explains Daphne on Colossal.

The technique dates back to the 15th century and was initially used to decorate religious objects. This traditional art form consists of rolled paper strips, which are then contorted into elaborate and decorative shapes.

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