Facebook Collaborates with Artists Across Africa for Women’s Month

karabo poppy

WORDS Celeste Jacobs

The collaboration sees South Africa’s Karabo Poppy and three other artists creating the official illustrations for a book that showcases some of our continent’s most influential women.

Leadhers: Life Lessons From African Women is a collection of inspiring stories and life advice shared by 19 women who’re breaking through glass ceilings across a wide variety of industries, such as media, entertainment, politics, education and business.

The book is available for free in digital and print formats – it’s geared to uplift future leaders. Each beautifully curated chapter shares personal stories of overcoming challenges and the various paths you can take to achieve your idea of success. Leadhers: Life Lessons From African Women is brought to life with a series of illustrations by women artists from across the continent. You can expect to see artworks created by Massira Keita from Côte d’Ivoire, Lulu Kitololo from Kenya, Karabo Poppy  from South Africa, and Awele Emili  from Nigeria.

5 000 Copies will be printed and available at Facebook’s local training partners in 15 countries, including South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Senegal and Kenya.