Debut solo exhibition: Seth Pimentel

WORDS Celeste Jacobs IMAGES courtesy of Seth Pimentel

Johannesburg-based artist Seth Pimentel’s debut solo exhibition titled An Ode to Catharsis will be hosted at the Kalashnikovv gallery from 6 to 26 February 2021.

How are you feeling ahead of your first solo show?

I’m unbelievably nervous. I put a lot of myself into this body of work. Exhibiting the most intimate parts of myself. Raw and unedited. 

How did this exhibition and the collaboration with Kalashnikovv gallery come about?

I’ve always loved Kalashnikovv’s modus operandi. Being a fan of a lot of artists that they represent has always pushed me to want to be represented by them. After seven years, it’s finally happened. Initially, I did a group show titled Captive Audience in August last year and since then we’ve had conversations about my solo show.

What inspired An Ode To Catharsis?

A lot happened in my life and I wanted to just create art for the sole purpose of escaping the intensity of everything. At some point creating this body [of work] was freeing. It was cathartic. I wanted to pay tribute to that release.

I want people to feel something. Hate it or love it, as long as you felt something. To me, the works in this exhibition represent growth and transition.

How many pieces and/or editions are there?

I did 65 original paintings on canvas and Fabriano [paper] – using acrylic, spray paint, oil pastels and ink.

What tracks were playing in the background while you were working on this project?

Wow, like a lot. I actually made a playlist – check it out.

What has been a highlight of the exhibition process for you?

Painting – being able to be in my studio all day, every day, with a purpose. Most times I just linger and float around, but it was so good to create with the sole intent of letting go and moving on.

An Ode to Catharsis is available via the Kalashnikovv gallery’s website or mailing list, and in-person if you’re in Johannesburg. Keep up with the latest from Seth on Instagram.