5 Tips and Tricks For Painting Your Home

Here are a few ideas from Plascon to help you while you redecorate, from altering the colour of your wooden skirting boards to getting rid of paint odours.

Get with the paint lingo:

1. A primer coat improves the adhesion of subsequent coats of paint to the specified surfaces, once they have been cleaned and primed.

2. Remember, sugar soap is a neutral, all-purpose cleaning agent that can be used to clean carpets, tiles, baths and toilets after home DIY.

3. Paint walls from right to left if you’re right-handed (left to right if you’re left-handed) so that you don’t place your free hand on the wall when applying more paint to a brush or roller.

4. Does your newly-painted room still smell of paint? Ensure that the room has enough ventilation to aerate, otherwise one trick is to place saucers of vanilla essence in all four corners of the room.

5. If you’re working on pine or wood with a grain, sand with 120-grit sandpaper from top to bottom. If you don’t like the colour of pine, stain it in a dark teak methylated spirits-based stain before you mix a white glaze.