10 Retro Turntables and Speakers


Shop for vinyl record players and retro-inspired Bluetooth speakers to join the new-age old-school music revolution.

Record sales are booming. And while streaming may be convenient, some sounds are just meant to be heard on vinyl. On the other hand, with Spotify, Google Play Music and iTunes so readily available, having the best speakers is also important.

Here are 10 options to choose from.

1. Newport Bluetooth Speaker in Sonic Blue R2 799, Superbalist

2. Thorens TD-209 Turntable R18 690, Homemation

3. Pro-ject Debut Carbon Turntable R9 990, Takealot

4. Stanmore Bluetooth R4 799, Superbalist

5. Denon DJ VL12 Prime Turntable R13 790, Viva Afrika

6. Amazon Deco Bluetooth Speaker R650, Takealot

7. Thorens TD-206 Turntable R18 690, Homemation

8. Volkano Fabric Series Bluetooth Speaker R275, Takealot

9. Reloop RP-7000 MK2 Professional DJ Turntable R9 500, Tradelius

10. Harmony Bluetooth Speaker II R1 679, Superbalist