10 Rattan-style Buys For Your Home


COMPILED BY Annemarie Meintjes and Lindi Brownell Meiring

Rattan, cane, bamboo, wicker… We just can’t get enough of texture at home right now. VISI has selected 10 pieces for you to keep in mind.

Remember to also take note of these top care tips:

  • Try to keep rattan, cane and wicker furniture out of direct sunlight.
  • If they have to be in a sunny spot, rotate pieces regularly to ensure they are exposed to the sun equally on all sides.
  • Clean these natural fibres every few weeks: wipe down with a damp (not soaking-wet) cloth to gently remove dust, then air-dry.
  • You can also remove dust with a vacuum cleaner – use the brush nozzle, and be gentle. Or simply brush off debris and dirt with a dry paintbrush.
  • Tackle mould or mildew as soon as it appears, using a diluted bleach solution applied with a damp cloth.
  • Removable cushion covers should be cleaned annually.

Kotini Lamp Range

From R1816.50 | Weylandts.co.za


Rattan Chair

R3599 | za.sofacompany.com


Sahara Bed

R13995 | aurainteriors.co.za


Glass Jug with Cane

R795 | pezulainteriors.co.za


Curved Rattan Bedside Table

R11250 | meuble.store


Christy Screen

R3495 | blockandchisel.co.za


Freestanding Rattan Cupboard

R44850 | meuble.store


Mappe Dining Chair

R3595 | Weylandts.co.za


Rattan Couch

R4800 | esque.co.za


Carlo Bar Table in Natural (also available in Antique or Black

R5590 | pezulainteriors.co.za

Looking for more local buys or just love this style? Check out this ‘straw’ house in Comporta Portugal which champions the ‘rattan’ look.