Diary: Local Events To Look Forward To

Hypatia's Theory

PLEASE NOTE: Galleries and museums are closed until 17 April 2020.

There’s always something to look forward to on the local arts scene. We’ve rounded up some awesome events and exhibitions for you to add to your calendar.

Freedom is Coming Tomorrow (Or the Day After) by Carla Fonseca & Nthato Mokgata at Keyes Art Mile in Joburg

Until 22 April 2020

Hypatia’s Theory

F&M, in association with Keyes Art Mile, presents Freedom is Coming Tomorrow (Or the Day After) an exhibition of new paintings, video art, performance and installation works from celebrated artists Carla Fonseca & Nthato Mokgata (Standard Bank Young Artist Award Winner 2020).

F&M founders Carla Fonseca and Nthato Mokgata take up the clarion call of their generation and its urgency in their work, which strongly articulates their generation’s demand to redress past injustice. The artists reflect a generation of activists beset by untruths as they navigate avalanches of fake news, environmental doomsday-ism, fabrication and the threat of having their identities sublimated by digital/social media. In an age so irrevocably defined by un-reality and untruth, F&M decisively create their own with a bold approach to visual art.

For more information, visit keyesartmile.co.za

Gabrielle Goliath’s sound installation, This song is for… at Iziko South African Gallery in Cape Town

Until 27 April 2020

This Song Is For… presents a series of dedication songs chosen by survivors of sexual violence, which are performed as covers by women-led and/or gender-nonconforming ensembles. In each song a disruption occurs at a certain point, creating in the words of Gabrielle Goliath an opportunity for listeners to “inhabit a contested space of traumatic recall – one in which the de-subjectifying violence of rape and its psychic afterlives becomes painfully entangled with personal and political claims to life, dignity, hope, faith, even joy.

For more information, visit iziko.org.za.

Mage Solo Exhibition by Justine Mahoney at Southern Guild in Cape Town 

Until 13 May 2020

Sculptor Justine Mahoney delves into the tangled web of transformation that occurs between adolescence and adulthood in Mage, her second solo show. Deriving its title from the archaic term for sorcerer or magician, the exhibition assembles a cast of hybridised characters, antiheroes and archetypes who present an alternative mythology for our times.

For more information, visit southernguild.co.za.

Accomplice Solo Exhibition by Michael Armitage at the Norval Foundation in Cape Town

Until 15 June 2020

At just 35, Kenyan artist Michael Armitage is swiftly emerging as one of the most exciting young voices of contemporary art, heralded as a stand-out artist at the 2019 Venice Biennale. Accomplice is a series of paintings representing the complex social and political dynamics exploring multiple facets of the human condition.

Created over the past two years, his vivid depiction of inequality and political uncertainty are drawn from his visits to rallies in the run-up to Kenya’s 2017 elections, combined with his own impressions, memories and discourses. Observations of contemporary Nairobi and images culled from social and broadcast media form the basis of paintings that are in conversation with Western figurative painting and East African modernism.

For more information, visit norvalfoundation.org

Matereality Group Exhibition at IZIKO South African National Gallery in Cape Town

Until 2 August 2020

Matereality presents a survey of emerging and established artists in the 21st century who use particular media in deliberate, surprising and innovative ways. While focused primarily on South African art, it also highlights some examples from the rest of the continent.

A work of art can never be separated from its physical material and this inescapable truth has been subject to investigation for a long time. Contemporary artists are continuing this exploration in new, exciting and, often, urgent ways that lend insight into their reality, and, in turn, challenge traditional notions around what materials are suited to art-making.

For more information, visit iziko.org.za.