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Needful Things Online

COMPILED BY Michaela Stehr

Add a flair of Mid-century Modern style to your home by browsing what’s available online through any of these local vintage decor stores. 

While some of these shops operate solely through Instagram, a few have stand-alone websites for your perusal – and the majority deliver throughout South Africa.

1. Needful Things Online

Instagram: @needful_things_online

Website: needful-things.co.za

Need to know: Ships countrywide

2. Contents

Instagram: @_contents

Need to know: DM for purchases. Delivery to Cape Town and Johannesburg.



3. Anouk Furniture

Instagram: @anoukfurniture

Need to know: Contact 079 489 4206 for prices and availability.

4. Ride a White Swan

Instagram: @ride_a_white_swan

Need to know: DM for details on specific products.

5. Vamp Furniture

Instagram: @vamp_furniture

Website: vampfurniture.blogspot.com

Need to know: Email info@vampfurniture.co.za for availability.

6. Mint The Shop

Instagram: @minttheshop

Website: minttheshop.com

Need to know: Countrywide shipping options available.

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R275 www.minttheshop.com We’ve bought and sold a number of these Chinese Diamond clocks over the years, and while I’ve always loved them (the quality of these clocks is easy to spot), I think today is the first time I’ve read up on the history of the clock factory. It seems that the ‘Shanghai Watch Factory’ is China’s most renowned watch maker, but according to Wikipedia the Shanghai ZuanShi (Diamond) Watch Factory has a long and illustrious history that easily rival’s its more famous sibling. The company started out life in 1932 as the Tak On Clock Factory, but within a few short years was completely destroyed during the 1937 invasion by the Japanese. The factory was promptly rebuilt, and renamed the Jin Xing Industrial Association, with the first pocket-watches bearing the ZuanShi/Diamond brand being produced in 1958, which is more or less when I think today’s alarm clock dates to. While the clock does keep time (provided you remember to wind it!), there is some damage to the clock face, where the (presumably glow-in-the-dark?) ring that borders the face has cracked. We’ve opened up the clock and reglued what we can (the pieces were lying loose inside the clock), and to be honest, the damage isn’t very noticeable at all, but we needed to point it out. Another thing worth commenting on is that these clocks do tick! A Minter recently emailed me to ask me about another clock (which fortunately was very quiet), so I thought it was worth mentioning that if you have our beautiful vintage clock next to your bed, it is going to produce a classic tick-tock sound, so might be better suited to sitting on a desk, unless you’re a deep sleeper! P.S. A beige version of this clock (not quite as pretty as our baby blue model!) is currently for sale online for $168 (R3000)!

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7. Huisraad

Instagram: @huisraad_modern

Website: huisraad.co.za

Need to know: Ships countrywide.

8. Retro Lane

Instagram: @retrolaneonline

Website: retrolane.co.za

Need to know: Email sales@retrolane.co.za for more information.

9. The Retro Chair Man

Instagram: @retro_chairman

Need to know: DM for purchases.

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Restored ercol chair in Oak. SOLD ❌.

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Restored mid-century modern dresser. SOLD ❌

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10. Space For Life

Instagram: @spaceforlifeza

Website: spaceforlife.co.za

Need to know: Contact 021 447 0808 or email space4lifeza@gmail.com for more details about specific products.

11. Mr Collectable

Instagram: @mrcollectable

Facebook: facebook.com/MrCollectable

Need to know: DM for purchases or contact zelda.hamilton@gmail.com for more information.



12. (Re)Store

Instagram: @restore_vintage

Need to know: DM for purchases. Shipping to Johannesburg.

13. Vintage Club

Instagram: @vintageclubfurniture

Website: vintageclubhq.wixsite.com

Need to know: Ships to Cape Town area.

14. Vintage by Betta Lilly

Instagram: @vintagebybettalilly

Need to know: Ships nationwide.

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Small Pyrex trinket *R60. #pyrex #pyrexlove

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