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Joburg through an honest lens


Calvin Copeling’s exhibition 'A Look Through The Lens' takes an Instagram journey through Johannesburg to unearth the city’s frequently overlooked historic buildings.

Tags: art, architecture, johannesburg, photography, iphone, lisa johnston, instagram, gifa, calvincopeling, buildings

Picks of the week


Spring is most definitely here and the sun has even been spotted in Cape Town, albeit briefly. Nonetheless there’s nothing but flowers, the outdoors and fresh starts in the daydreams of the VISI team this week.

Tags: flowers, floral, iphone, annemarie meintjes, sumien brink, malibongwe tyilo, nadine botha, debbie loots, lise avis, anton pietersen, cecilia boughen, cat anderson, pick of the week, dior

Picks of the week


From the sublime Paper City to the ridiculous cat sushi, and everything in between, including Sumien moonlighting as a fashion designer, the team's finds this week has something for everyone.

Tags: illustration, iphone, cat, iphone case, animation, sumien brink, ombre, pick of the week

10 Lego designs we love


Birds, iPhones, wedding dresses and record players. Oh wait, there’s a designer coffee table and a Hermes handbag too. Not to mention a crystal chandelier and a prosthetic leg. What on earth could they all have in common? Lego!

Tags: lego, iphone, chandelier, nadine botha, katrina van hasselt, hermes, star wars

Pantone phoneography hall of fame


The VISI team has had a tough time picking only two winners everyday. Here is an album of some of our favourite entries from the last week.

Tags: photography, iphone, pantone

iPhone Lens Dial


Christmas gift alert! Here's an ingenious way to expand the creative potential of your iPhoneography.

Tags: camera, gift, iphone

An ode to Steve Jobs


The VISI team enjoys an Apple a day; sometimes even more. We all work on Apple iMac desktops and most of us use Steve Jobs’ inventions in our personal lives too. Jobs truly changed the way we all work and play.

Tags: iphone, ipad, basins, app

Pantone your iPhone


Colour junkie? Never without your iPhone or iPad? Do we have a treat for you.... these covers are finally available in South Africa.

Tags: iphone, case, pantone, colour

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